Heartfelt Words

Heartfelt Words

"Nicolette was such a valuable support for our family when we were in the hospice with a close relative in his final stage of life. We were quite unsure about what was happening as the days progressed. I  decided to make contact with Nicolette and this became a frequent dialogue which we all found comforting. Nicolette explained things very clearly. I was able to relay this information to my family who  found the information both useful and comforting.  It also gave me a useful role in the process and an opportunity for the family to ask questions. Having someone there who was caring, supportive, wise and  knowledgeable helped us get through a sad time more positively. I would recommend that you store Nicolette's number on your phone and should you find yourself in need of  some support then you should call or message her. Her response will be measured and respectful and in tune with whatever the circumstance." 

Ali and family.

"You have provided us with a well-researched alternative to traditional funeral methods. I helped my mother with a family led home burial for my step-father. It was very personal and designed for our family. Thank you for bringing this method to the public's attention."



" It's amazing what kind of support someone like Nicolette can bring for anyone and their families through the last stages of life - it's a no brainer really and necessary work."


" Having just been through caring for my father-in-law during his last days and then caring for the body and funeral arrangements I am so grateful for his foresight in having things arranged AND for the timely help and info that Nicolette Smith gave me which I will always remember. Thank's Nicolette it was invaluable to be able to speak with you just prior to his death. I am so glad that I knew of my options and didn't feel like I needed to call in the undertaker to do what wasn't necessary. It made the whole experience so much more whole and joyous so much so that the grieving was much easier.

I want to say how deeply grateful I am for Nicolette Smith and The End of Life Care who assisted me via Skype on the day of my father-in-law's death. To have extra understandings of the little ways to care and lay out his body was invaluable. So thankful to you."


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