The Importance of Planning

January 19, 2017 Nicolette 2 comments

Are you the sort of person who knows that you need, to get your Estate Planning sorted, but you do not know where to start or what forms you need to fill out?

Has it been on your to-do-list forever and keeps getting shuffled to the bottom of the pile?

Life is too busy and you will worry about it later?

Here are some things to consider, no matter what age you are, to prepare for the end part of your life

Death happens to us all and the more prepared you are the easier it is for our loved ones to sort out our affairs.
It is worth taking the time to consider what your wishes will be and discuss these with your family and friends.

The biggest and most important thing to do when preparing for the end of your life is to think clearly about your wishes for your assets and your funeral.
The next step is to write these down and prepare the relevant legal documents.
Then you need to discuss these with your family and friends and regularly update and review them when you change your mind or your circumstances change.
Once you have all your paperwork together, put it all together and keep it in one place.
Tell your family where your documents are so they can easily access them.


Making a Will of Last Testament is important for everyone, no matter what your age.
It is a legal document which allows you to determine how your assets are to be dealt with upon your death.
It is also important in regards to the care and welfare of children under the age of 18yrs old.


Enduring Power of Attorney
Enduring Power of Guardianship
Advanced Health Directives (Living Will):
These documents are very important legal directives which can be set up in advance to protect you and your family during illness and prior to death.
When thinking about and planning for the end of your life there are some aspects that require specific legally appointed roles.
These roles require careful consideration and appointment because they are legally binding and are implemented when you are no longer able to take care of your own affairs.


Once again this is a very important topic which needs to be discussed with family and friends to make your wishes known to them.
Everybody has their own viewpoint and beliefs around this topic so it is best to be openly discussed.
You also need to register your wishes.


You need to seriously consider what type of funeral you would like and then clearly articulate this to your family and friends.
Discussing with them your wishes and choices.
It is so much easier to put together a funeral if you know what the person wanted. It can also help alleviate family disputes.

If you would like some support to plan for the end part of your life you can Contact Me

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    1. Thank you for your feedback, Carolyn. It is definitely worth considering and starting the conversations sooner rather than later.

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