End of Life Doula

As an End of Life Doula Nicolette works with the person who is at the end of their life and together we create a plan.

This time can be very overwhelming for all involved as there are many decisions to be made, choices to consider, and plans to be implemented. Nicolette can be there to help you navigate the process.

She provides a compassionate approach to life and death, giving you someone to travel with, holding your hand and guiding you every step of the way.

Nicolette provides specialist non-medical care and expertise in a situation which people only find themselves in rarely. 

Offering impartial guidance so that everyone involved has a chance to express their concerns and wishes and know that they will be heard.

She also provides practical and emotional support to allow people involved in your care some respite. Sometimes this can simply be a cup of tea and a chat, which can ease the sense of isolation and lighten the load.

This kind of care offers your support people an opportunity to debrief, feel cared for and nurtured.

During the final stages, she creates a safe and sacred space enabling you to have the best possible dying experience.

This helps you and your carers at a time that is difficult and challenging for all. 

Whether you are in Hospital, Hospice, or at home she will be there for you. 

Having worked in the Funeral Industry, Nicolette is also able to offer unbiased advice and guidance with the funeral planning process.


Nicolette was such a valuable support for our family when we were in the hospice with a close relative in his final stage of life. We were quite unsure about what was happening as the days progressed. I  decided to make contact with Nicolette and this became a frequent dialogue which we all found comforting. Nicolette explained things very clearly. I was able to relay this information to my family who  found the information both useful and comforting.  It also gave me a useful role in the process and an opportunity for the family to ask questions. Having someone there who was caring, supportive, wise and  knowledgable helped us get through a sad time more positively. I would recommend that you store Nicolette's number on your phone and should you find yourself in need of  some support then you should call or message her. Her response will be measured and respectful and in tune with whatever the circumstance.  Ali and family.



"For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one" 

-Khalil Gibran 

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