Home Funeral Guide

Home Funeral Guide

Many people are unaware of the fact that you can conduct what is called a Family Led Funeral.

This is where the family take control of the whole process and do not require the use of a Funeral Director.


As a Home Funeral Guide, Nicolette offers support for families and communities to keep their deceased at home, undertaking the body care and creating their own funeral ceremony.

She provides guidance, advice and practical assistance.


In her experience, some families and communities need to be in control of the process and be able to take the time to create the space for grieving and loss. It allows them to honour the death, personalise the ritual and create a healing and connecting time for all involved.


Nicolette can assist with the process which requires preparation and planning as well as legally required paperwork.

Having just been through caring for my father-in-law during his last days and then caring for the body and funeral arrangements I am so grateful for his foresight in having things arranged AND for the timely help and info that Nicolette Smith gave me which I will always remember. Thanks, Nicolette it was invaluable to be able to speak with you just prior to his death. I am so glad that I knew of my options and didn't feel like I needed to call in the undertaker to do what wasn't necessary. It made the whole experience so much more whole and joyous so much so that the grieving was much easier.

- Sahaja


You have provided us with a well-researched alternative to traditional funeral methods.  I helped my mother with a family led home burial for my stepfather.  It was very personal and designed for our family. Thank you for bringing this method to the public's attention. - Laurie

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